About us

Our team includes all the professionals that are needed. Not more, not less.

Microtechnology Hardware Development

We create POC prototypes and finalize prototypes for cost effective mass production.

Biomedical Engineering

We specialize on developing unique sensors that push the boundaries of the existing technical possibilities. Our main focus is on micro size, low power consumption biosensors, that collect digital data values from living organism.


To find the best way to detect all of the possible activities of hormones and enzymes, we use the most highest technologies, also in DNA level.

Software Development

This is the bridge between the hardware and the visible surface. In the frontend development we create simple, user friendly surfaces for our mobile applications. In the background development, we establish a secure connection with our hardwares and build up the cloud sync protocol.


This part is one of the most visible parts of a development: here we transform the idea into a real, touchable 3D product. We use state of the art technology devices to create reliable high quality prototypes.

Mass Production Plan

We provide complete documentations about the project for mass production, including the entire technical solution and production steps. Optionally we offer support for your mass production or supervise complete mass productions for your company.


We provide complete certification service to our projects. Include ISO 13485, Medical Device certification for products.