Big Data Pattern Analyse

We can find periodically repeating pattern in big amount of data – like bacterium resonance frequency.

Big data and pattern analytics are trends that are positively impacting the modern science and business world. Past researches show that data generated in the modern world is huge and growing exponentially. The unstructured data cannot be managed in the traditional relational database management system (RDBMS). Therefore, data proliferation requires a rethinking of techniques for capturing, storing, and processing the data. This is the role big data has come to play.In the scope of our work area, We are capable of analyzing and finding periodically repeating patterns in a big amount of data. With our technic, the running research leads to scientifically and also commercially valuable outcomes.Currently, we can proudly present that in the scope of biotechnology, we can apply this technology through the microbial resonance frequency patterns.Good management and manipulation of the large data sets using the techniques and tools of big data can deliver actionable insights that create scientific values.