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With our development of biosensors and invasive or non-invasive implants, we can create practical wireless diagnostic devices that measure different values such as human body bio data, activities, effects or actions.

Wearable or Concept ?

Right now, the internet is full of concepts and 3D pictures about the next possible medical devices. ImplaSens transforms these visions into real working devices.

Sometimes we have to wait a few months, because the actual technology has not provided the solution just yet. But it is just a question of time – it does not take as long as you might think. Most of these visions already have no technical boundaries and could be produced. So why is the market not full of these devices?


The reason is: to create great concepts, the creators only need to use their minds, imaginations, and a computer to design it.

But to produce a working device they need technical resources. Using the concept, a hardware needs to be build that matches all of the requirements. For this process the developers need to use specific and expensive tools. If the hardware is ready, they need a firmware, which requires another serious programming process. After all, the device needs to be able to communicate with another device to indicate the functions, which is yet another programming process. The target is the hardware and software functionality. At this point the project prototype is ready. When all of theses processes have been completed the device needs to be tested. This can take a few weeks.

This process definitely require resources. There are big companies that can invest these required resources into a development. But because they are big companies, the reaction time is slow and the development costs are incredibly high. An example: to invest 3 years and a few Million Euros into a newly developed BP meter would be a total deficit. When the product is ready to be marketed, the technology of the device will already be too old to make any profit.

Simply said, you cannot sell these concepts, because the only possible investors are big companies with a slow reaction time and big resources for medical device developments.

So what is the good news?

The good news is: ImplaSens is here. We offer rapid product development and a fast time to market cycle. Our team consisting of all the professional developers needed to create, build and test a complete project, from idea to prototype and mass production concept.